Frequently Asked Questions?

What is meant by money back guarantee?

Guarantee means that you decide to use half a bottle of oil, if you find the oil to be perfect, use it all otherwise send us back the product and we will send back the money to you.

Where is it sent back?

Wahab Clinic Muhammadpura Street No. 7 Islamabad.

How to use it?

The oil should be used daily for the first five days, then every other day. Apply the oil on the roots of the hair at night and wash it at bedtime. It is not necessary to fill the whole head with oil.

Having trouble ordering?

If you have trouble ordering, you can send us a message on WhatsApp (+92) 332 5000064.

Is there any side effect of this oil?

No, no side effects, we’ve been talking to our clinic for years, millions of people have used it, and no side effects.